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 Analysis-i Tech Inc.
Company Name : Analysis-i Tech Inc.


Analysis-i Tech Inc. was formed by a group of senior IC design elites in June 2012. In response to changes in the ecology of the electronics industry, more patent lawsuits have appeared, and IC product cycles have been shortened. Dingqiang Technology is a company that provides patent analysis, circuit analysis, IC design and development services.


We hope to provide more professional and faster design services with higher success rate in the technology industry. And professional and accurate patent analysis services.

Company Name : Jumplux


Jumplux Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of customer orientation for automotive media hub, industrial microcontroller, high speed storage controller and ASIC design service.



Product : Automotive / Industrial / Storage ASIC

Incorporated: Nov 1st, 2014

Headquarters: 4F, No.19-1 Innovation 1st Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan 300

Company Name : Realtek

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Realtek Semiconductor Corp., located in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park — Taiwan's "Silicon Valley" — began with a small group of young, devoted engineers in 1987. Over three decades, these young founding engineers built Realtek into one of the world's largest and most successful IC design houses.


Realtek's efforts to provide the ultimate in pioneering IC technology — along with its firm commitment to creating unique and innovative designs for a broad range of high-tech applications — have won the company a worldwide reputation and made possible a favorable and consistent growth rate in the years since its establishment. We attribute this achievement to Realtek's tradition of excellence.

 Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group
Company Name : Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group


Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group is one of the largest and leading venture capital management team based in Taiwan.


Across our 15 years of experience in Greater China, we have invested in more than 250 successful companies, many of which have later become investors in our funds. Year after year, we consistently created value for our investors and investees, developed numerous new business opportunities for our portfolio companies, and cultivated a network of partnership between well-established companies from different industries.


Our team is comprised of 20 investment professionals with an average of more than 10 years of industry experiences. We review an average of 1000 companies annually and continuously add new investments to our growing portfolio that now covers industries such as technology, biotechnology, renewable energy, consumer retail, food & beverages, healthcare, and auto parts. We believe TTVC is one of the most suitable partner for long term growth in Greater China.

Company Name : truechip


We are leading provider of Design and Verification solutions

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions – which help ​you, accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA and SOC. Truechip is a privately held company, with a global footprint and sales coverage across North America, Europe and Asia.



Truechip has been serving customers since last 10​ years in VLSI with a strong and experienced leadership. Truechip provides industry’s first 24x5 support model with specialization in VIP integration, customization and SOC Verification.



Truechip was established in 2008 with a Mission


To create world class Verification IP solutions

To provide expert consultancy to ASIC & SoC design Companies

To design SoC from architecture to working silicon


To be the leading provider of Semiconductor IP Solutions.

To be a one-stop-shop for Design and Verification.


Customer Success

Commitment to Quality

Quality of Products

Quality of Engineers

Best in Class Customer Support

Ethics and Integrity

Company Name : Chipus-ip


Chipus Microelectronics (ISO 9001:2015 certified) is a semiconductor company focused on the development of mixed-signal ASICs, intellectual property (IP) blocks and IC design services.


The company has more than 200 analog IP blocks in process nodes from 22nm to 0.35um of various foundries. Since its foundation in 2008, Chipus has worked with customers worldwide (South and North America, Europe, and Asia) with firm commitment and flexible client support.


Besides analog and mixed-signal expertise, Chipus also offers custom digital IC design services having successfully delivered designs in FINFET technologies from RTL to backend.


Headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil, Chipus has a US subsidiary in Silicon Valley and sales teams in both USA and Europe.

 Imagination Technologies Limited.
Company Name : Imagination Technologies Limited.


We excel at designing the highest efficiency, lowest power and smallest area silicon IP cores.


Passion for innovation

We have over 25 years of experience in designing and licensing market-leading processor solutions for graphics, vision & AI processing, and multi-standard communications that offer strong differentiation compared to competing solutions for our customers.


We are chosen as a partner by many leading innovators in electronics because we are passionate about innovation and have the drive to deliver technologies that solve key problems in new, more efficient ways.

 PEGATRON Corporation
Company Name : PEGATRON Corporation

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PEGATRON Corporation (hereafter referred to as “PEGATRON”) was founded on January 1, 2008. With abundant product development experience and vertically integrated manufacturing, we are committed to providing clients with innovative design, systematic production and manufacturing service in order to comprehensively and efficiently satisfy all of our customers’ needs. PEGATRON features a solid R&D team, friendly, fast service quality as well as a high degree of employee cohesion. Furthermore, we have combined EMS and ODM industries to become an emerging Design and Manufacturing Service (DMS) company. Consequently, we are able to offer industry-leading, state-of-the-art products and profitable business opportunities for our partners.


Our outstanding computer services include designing computers, computer hardware, portable devices and networks and associated peripheral devices for others related to operational and supporting services; computer information technology or computer programming consultation; designing, updating or maintenance of computer software and providing extended information service in the field of computers.


Additionally, we provide many flexible and reliable intangible products, example for installation, repair or maintenance of computer related products, portable devices and networks, associated peripheral devices, and etc.. We also provide some hardware and software service about telecommunications connections, transmission of information by electronic communications networks and providing information about telecommunication according to customer requirements.

 AnaGlobe Technology, Inc.
Company Name : AnaGlobe Technology, Inc.


Company: AnaGlobe Technology, Inc.

Founded: 2000



Focusing on the field of innovation automatic IC physical layout design software and upgrading an efficient and time-saving work flow solution.



Privately held and maintains with headquarters in Taiwan. Distributors in USA, China, Korea, South East Asia. A member of the OpenAccess Coalition and the OpenPDK Coalition of Si2.


Business Model

Project-based solutions for specific customers. Special layout task demand consultancy. IC layout design tools selling. 3rd party tools integration and distribution.


Our Customers

AnaGlobe’s layout solutions sold to leading foundries, OSAT providers, high-end fabless chipmakers with joint development program/authorized software licenses.


Major Products

Thunder – an ultimate chip-level layout integration, consolidation, verification and debugging tool.

Thunder SiP – a 2.5D/3D fanout and advanced packaging layout solution.

GOLF – the next generation PCell design environment within the general layout editing platform.

GOLF PCell – creates reusable layouts for diversified applications, especially, supports Test Module Generation for test chip management

 Mars Semiconductor Corp.
Company Name : Mars Semiconductor Corp.

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Mars Semiconductor Corp. is the first professional long-distance high-bandwidth wireless audio-visual chip design company in Taiwan. 

In response to the rise of the Smart Internet of Things (AIoT) trend, it began to provide customers with overall solutions for network, mobile APP, and cloud applications, and then evolved to cloud systems Integrate application services and become a one-stop wireless cloud system service (SaaS) software and hardware integration service provider in the professional market segment.


The wireless audio-visual chip functions include high-performance, long-distance wireless technologies such as digital wireless (RF) and private WiFi protocol (pWiFi), and integrates advanced image compression and decompression technologies such as MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 to provide customers with the best quality The wireless audio-visual chip. And combined with the company's experienced software engineers to develop products such as surveillance, in-vehicle, baby monitors and other applications for sales all over the world.

The cloud service system is not just a pure software service and equipped with the company's self-developed chip equipment, providing customers with software and hardware integration solutions and customized services from top to bottom. Applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), transportation, agriculture, water conservancy, etc.

The company's mission is to provide customers with instant technical support, professional technical assistance, and complete solutions so that customers can bring products to the market in the shortest possible time and create a win-win situation for customers.

 Airoha Technology Inc.
Company Name : Airoha Technology Inc.

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Airoha Technology, founded in 2001, is a leading Taiwan-based Fabless IC design company that specializes in the design and sale of highly integrated wireless communication devices. 


It has an extensive IP portfolio and talent, providing its customers with a wide range of high performance, cost efficient RF and mixed-signal IC components and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SoC solutions. It’s current and future focus is in BLE single and Bluetooth wireless audio system solutions. After becoming a member of MediaTek Group in 2017,Airoha product lines include Bluetooth wireless audio system, GPS chip, Bluetooth low-power SoC, smart devices and wearable system solutions, digital TV and set-top box DVB-S/S2 tuner, Wi-Fi transceiver. Airoha products have been widely adopted by the industry, finding service in many mobile phones, Bluetooth audio devices, vehicle tracking systems, wearable products and various smart home devices.

 Yield Microelectronics Corp. (YMC)
Company Name : Yield Microelectronics Corp. (YMC)

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Yield Microelectronics Corp. (YMC) ,located in Taiwan Chu-Pei city,is a specialized embedded logic multiple-time non-volatile memory (NVM) IP provider,whose NVM intellectual property (IP) technology is Ymtp.


YMC’s innovative NVM IP products are licensed to design houses,allowing to integrate crucial non-volatile memory with analog and digital functionality on a single chip.Furthermore,YMC also has collaborated with the world’s leading semiconductor foundries to develop comprehensive and advanced IP solutions to expand the versatility of silicon-proven in order to serve the existing and potential customers.

YMC’s NVM IP owns competitive cell and macro size,adopting logic-based architecture,featuring the scalability and porting easily to different technology and process with LG (logic) , HV (high-voltage) , mixed-mode , BCD (bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) and so on.

YMC’s goal is looking forward to working closely with customers to achieve the most flexible bilateral interaction and commit all the time providing the most advanced,the best price-performance silicon as well as sophisticated solutions to meet the specific requirement.YMC firmly ensures the best quality and cost-competitive to bring benefits to customers in time.

Company Name : SYNCOMM

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SYNCOMM, founded in 1998, a fabless semiconductor company creating innovative wireless technology which enable smart TVs, computers and mobile devices to connect to their multiple peripherals wirelessly, and simultaneously from a single host, with the ability to mix-and-match peripherals, bringing consumers pleasant experience in home, and personal entertainment.


Our industry-leading technology has been widely adopted by global consumer brands in various applications, ranging from low power wireless controllers to low latency wireless audio devices. In addition, our worldwide value-added supply chain is ready to provide superior service to our customers; helping fast time to market, offering advanced, friendly, and affordable solutions for home and digital entertainment market.

 ENE Technology Inc.
Company Name : ENE Technology Inc.

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About ENEENE endeavors to provide in-time service & excellent product to satisfy diverse demands



To endeavour to be a leader on the Portable Information Appliance ICs market

To provide the value-added products, technology and services to achieve win-win situations

for all stakeholders- customers, shareholders and employees



ENE always adheres to demonstrate innovation, integration & performance in our design

and endeavors to provide the excellent products to customers

 Richtek Technology Corporation
Company Name : Richtek Technology Corporation

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Richtek Technology Corporation is one of the world’s leading analog IC companies.


The company consistently delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, and communications equipment. Richtek adds value to end equipment by synthesizing technological innovation, uncompromised quality, and devotion to customer service. Founded in 1998, the Company is headquartered in Taiwan with additional offices in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. For more information about Richtek and its analog IC solutions, please visit the Company’s Web site at



Provide our customers with the total power management solutions and cost-effective ICs so to increase their competitiveness.

Take the lead in technology, quality, cost, service, and market share in power industry.

Build a home for top power professionals.

 Solid State System Co., Ltd.
Company Name : Solid State System Co., Ltd.

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Solid State System Co., Ltd. (aka 3S) founded in Year 1998, is well known by its profound NAND flash knowledge and experiences accumulated on mobile storage medias. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and with branch offices located in both Taipei and Shenzen, China; 3S was listed for GTSM (GreTai Securities Market) trading in Year 2007 (Stock symbol: 3259).


With a solid technical team as foundation, 3S soon received international recognitions by providing ultra performance IC solutions with high reliability and on-time delivery. Ever since then, 3S has been striving hard at pioneering NAND-based controller solutions as well as expanding its product portfolios. In Year 2010, 3S has successfully developed and launched its MEMS microphone based on CMOS process. By holding various critical patents, 3S became the first IC design house in Taiwan to offer such advanced microphone solution that is easily adopted during production and also cost saving driven.


Corporate Management is mainly focused on three different fields: “Team work”, “Innovation”, and “Strategic Alliances.”

-  Team work: emphasizes on interpersonal communications by listening and absorbing ideas across different departments.

-  Innovation: emphasizes on motivation, creativity, and professionalism

-  Strategic Alliance: emphasizes on strong third-party partnerships in order to provide prompt technical services and support to customers worldwide.

With all these aspects properly carried out, 3S is able to achieve its social responsibilities while pursuing its technical leadership at the same time.


3S highly values opinions and feedbacks from customers when it comes to product development. Understanding the exact needs from customers is the key to success. We, at 3S, are constantly pushing the technologies toward the best mobile storage solutions and audio applications. In order to provide our customers with the most reliable and competitive product and services is what drive us ahead.

 EE Solutions Inc.
Company Name : EE Solutions Inc.


Founded in 1999, EE Solutions (EES) is a leading provider of ASIC and System-on-Chip (SoC) design solutions. EES delivers both design and turnkey services to worldwide IC design houses and systems companies. EES has been recognized as high-quality services provider for its engineering background and overseas delivery experience.


EES is proven to provide the best solutions to serve customers with the advanced design technology that meets what our customers need. EES also offers effective design methodologies and a wide range of advanced intellectual property (IP) and professional personnel to help customers step into the nanometer design field. EE Solutions is headquartered in Hsinchu City with representatives in Korea. EES China Corp. is established with headquarters in Shanghai and a branch office in ShenZhen.


Success Stories

▸ Proven track record of on-schedule chip delivery, some of them are most complex ones in the market

▸ Partnering with many solutions providers

▸ Wide selection of IP portfolios

▸ Hands on experiences on most advanced technologies

▸ Tight customer data security control

▸ Responsive local engineering support

▸ Quality driven standard operation procedure

▸ Competitive NRE and unit price

▸ Flexible and customized business models

 Macroblock Inc.
Company Name : Macroblock Inc.


We are the world-leading LED driver IC provider. We pride ourselves in delivering ICs with guaranteed performance for LED display and lighting applications in general.



Macroblock is the world-leading LED driver IC provider. Focused on designing LED driver ICs, we pride ourselves in delivering ICs with guaranteed performance for LED display and lighting applications in general.



To bring out the best performance in LEDs, Macroblock has embarked on a journey to refine driver ICs in order to create a seamless match between LEDs and driver ICs.



From IC design to providing customer service, Macroblock executes every step with care and with the goal to better ourselves in order to ensure our quality can be seen and felt.


Go Green

Macroblock complies with the environmental protection guidelines as part of our effort in protecting the environment.



Through continuous innovation and the relentless development of LED driver ICs, Macroblock is at the forefront of uncovering LED market’s true potential.

 Voltafield Technology Corporation
Company Name : Voltafield Technology Corporation


Voltafield Technology Corporation (Voltafield) is a global leader specializes in magnetic sensing solutions. Found in January of 2009 in Taiwan, VTC has developed leading edge MR technology and products that enable new generations of magnetic sensors. The world first AMR 3 axis single chip was introduced to offer high performance, high sensitivity, low power, and cost-effective solutions for consumer, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive markets. With innovative technology and dedication to the development of AMR sensors, Voltafield has successfully built a product portfolio of Field sensor and Angle sensor in various applications. eCompass is our first solution widely adopted by smart phone, tablet and AIoT customers. Through constant innovation in both hardware and software, we are committed to provide complete solution and service to meet our customers’ satisfaction.


Corporate Mission

Through constant innovation, Voltafield provides the best magnetic sensing products and services to meet our customers' requirements.


Corporate Vision

Enhance interaction among people, environment and sensing apparatus.


Key Values

VTC has unique AMR last monolithic 3-axis important magnetic sensor patented technologies. AMR will be the future for high performance magnetic sensors for AIoT field.

More than 60 U.S., China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe patents granted.

Fully self-developed technology, hardware, software applications products. The speed of products scaling development beats or meets the industry's needs.

In a variety of composite application products, single chip integration has a strong competitive edge in the future development for AIoT applications.

The world-class Foundry Friendly Volume Production Sensor Solutions is offered to the industry to provide a high level of production of sensor product solutions with High quality, fast cycle time/fast time to market, huge volume and lower cost!

Trained world-class technical personnel and organizational skills.

Long-term plans for market applications, product roadmap.

 mPower Microelectronics Inc.
Company Name : mPower Microelectronics Inc.


mPower Microelectronics Inc. is a professional IC design house. The core businesses are the integrated circuit design, research, and marketing. The main customers distribute in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Japan. Currently the paid-up capital amounted is NTD 130 million.


mPower Microelectronics Inc. dedicated to develop high-quality, high-additional value, and high-integrated IC products. At present, the products of the company include regulator, security (DVR), AV, and power IC. We will concentrate on AV, power and green industry in the future.


The production of mPower Microelectronics Inc. is commissioned the professional manufacturers to produce. Product marketing strategy is cooperating with agents. We supply technology services and manpower in time and offer a full range of support services to assist clients to design and manufacture products.


Since mPower Microelectronics Inc. established, our management ideas are honesty, services, and innovations. We manage with humanism and share the profits to attract excellent talents. Our ambition is the best interest of shareholders.


We listen to customer’s voice, attend to customer’s need, and provide ultimate customer’s satisfaction. Then we provide customers with high performance products with ultimate quality to enhance the competitiveness. We joined hand in the business with the home and abroad, and develop together, and create the new future.

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