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 Power Forest Technology
Company Name : Power Forest Technology


Power Forest Technology positions itself as a green power supplier that makes energy conversion more efficient, capable to decrease the chances of energy waste so that the earthen damage could be diminished as well. In the product developing, the company will definitely prohibit the utilization of hazardous waste. To fulfill the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Power Forest will actively hold or participate in activities beneficial to the global environment.


Power Forest focuses on providing our end customer the most competitive and complete power IC solution. The growing strategy of Power  Forest is to keep close to the product manufacturing company, know the market trend promptly, and respond to the rapid change of industrial innovation and evolution. Power Forest always keeps an eye on the new application and market developing trend. And with such input, Power Forest is dedicated to new product development and provide high quality products to earn the credit of our end customers. With continuous techniques innovation and process flow improvement, we hopes to create values and achieve win-win outcome among end customers, share-holders and Power Forest.

 Silicon Optronics, Inc.
Company Name : Silicon Optronics, Inc.

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SOI (Silicon Optronics, Inc.) is a CMOS image sensor design company founded in May 2004 and listed in the Taiwan Emerging Market under ticker number 3530. The management team is comprised of seasoned executives with extensive experience in pixel design, image processing algorithms, analog circuits, optoelectronic systems, supply chain management, and sales.


SOI’s main products:

SOI products comprise of two main lines:  Area Sensor and Linear Sensor.  Area sensor is the fastest growing segment with high growth potential in the mobile market for smart phones and tablets, notebook applications such as PC cam and webcam, digital still cameras, and security and surveillance systems.The linear sensor segment serves the market for document scanners, multifunction printers (MFPs), barcode scanners, and fax machines.  This market continues to grow with the increasing proliferation of new applications such as counterfeit money scanners and portable scanners.


SOI’s Core competence

In order to strengthen its sensor design capability, SOI reorganized and enhanced its design team in 2012 with world-class CMOS sensor designers and development engineers. SOI fully leverages this seasoned CMOS imaging sensor design team with the availability of high-volume silicon foundry, packaging, and testing subcontractors in Asia to rapidly make the most cost-effective and technologically competitive sensor available to meet market and customers’ requirements.

 Ambarella International LP.
Company Name : Ambarella International LP.


Ambarella’s products are used in a wide variety of human and computer vision applications, including video security, advanced driver assistance (ADAS), electronic mirror, drive recorder, driver/cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and other robotic applications.  Ambarella’s low-power and high-resolution video compression, image processing, and deep neural network processors and software enable cameras to become more intelligent by extracting valuable data from high-resolution video streams.


Market Leadership

° Security IP Cameras

° Sports, Wearable and Handheld Cameras

° Drone Cameras

° Automotive Video Camera Solutions

° Broadcast Infrastructure Encoders



2009 GSA Start-Up to Watch

2010, 2011, 2012 GSA Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

2013 GSA Analyst Favorite Semiconductor Company by Morgan Stanley

2014 GSA Most Respected Semiconductor Company

2015 GSA Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Award and GSA Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award

2019 Bosch Global Supplier Award



United States : Taiwan : China : Japan

Korea : Hong Kong : European Union

 Padauk Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Name : Padauk Technology Co., Ltd.

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Padauk Technology Co., Ltd. founded in Feb of 2005 and we are devoted to make development of microcontroller as company core. We insist on having our own IP and development system(IDE/ICE), also the Writer is

self-developed in order to make sure whole technology can be fully grasped. Therefore, it’s available to provide better design performance and programming flexibility issues which can supply perfect solution and meet inquiry from customer timely.



According to excellent design ability, Padauk have expanded a lots series of high efficiency microcontrollers and you can see good performance on ESD and EFT. Our product application inclusive of interactive smart toy, remote control appliance, smart household appliance, industrial grade chip, high-efficiency brushless DC motor.


Besides developing of high-quality products, we also have good technology, services, and forward-looking. So that our customers can get overall solution of the technical service chain, and strong competitiveness.


We will continue to provide customer-oriented services and practice our core value in all operational activities. Padauk will strive towards the goal to be an outstanding solution supplier.



 AXElite Technology
Company Name : AXElite Technology


The professional competence of its designs innovative products through the integration at all levels on CMOS & Bi-polar. which enables the company to offer its customers not only the component but also the complete system. The experience matured in the design of devices for DC/DC power applications.


We believe in serving our customers, employees, and shareholders with following philosophy:

1. SatisfactionWe are driven by customer's needs and customer's satisfaction is our goal.

2. QualityWe provide customer value through quality and efficiency.

3. InnovationWe strive for continual innovation to keep our customers competitive

We create value to employees and the use of appropriate technology.

To be competitive in the market, we are force the major player on global scale, needs to be at the forefront of technological development, which requires innovative design methodologies and the use of appropriate technology.  


When we selected this name for the company's thought, due to we are one professional IC design company.

In today's world demand for energy saving has reached a more than we can on the professional development of customer-oriented products he met, but more capable analog IC products need to meet the requirements of magic and better !

In turn, leaves on the analog technology in their own areas of expertise not only erected a new benchmark for the industry, better for the Earth's environmental protection and energy saving we did !

 Tritan Technology
Company Name : Tritan Technology


Tritan Technology is the professional integrated circuit design house and was established on August of 2005. Capital is NTD 157 million.


Chizhou Tritan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Chizhou city,Anhui Province on July 15, 2019.

We have so far 70 employees. Development, manufacturing, sale high quality and value consuming integrated circuit products are our main business. Through the product, we try to contribute to the world of better human life and happiness.

Tritan Technology focus on design and sale high performance/cost ratio consumer products. We continuously develop new product and IPs to keep our competition strength. Our creative design capability had established the strong basis and satisfied the growing request of our partner.

Tritan has excellent RD capability. To keep long term competition strength, we develop almost all IPs, such as DSP/CPU/vast analog IPs/algorithms. These high performance and self-designed technology provide us very good base for future. Upon the basement, we can smoothly develop new product, solve problems, and running process migration. These basis supported Tritan to continuous grow on the past years and the future.

Our main concept of development is : Creative, quality, facing challenge, stable and continuously growing.

Our main product now are 16 bit controller/DSP, analog IC, image and decoder chip, record/playback chip, LCD chip, speech chip, memory chip, and other ASICs. And the products are expanding fast.

Quality and lead time is the proud we insist. Satisfaction of customer is the principle of Tritan Technology.

Tritan Technology has strong development team, close partner of wafer manufacturer, good market and sale system, stable lead time and quality control. All these make Tritan a successful chip and solution provider.

We are now getting deep into market. The success of customers, employs and our partner is our sincere expectation.

 uPI Semiconductor Corp.
Company Name : uPI Semiconductor Corp.

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Group - Providing You Hybrid and High Power Density Semiconductor Solutions


uPI Semiconductor Corp., founded in 2005, is an IC design house designs and manufactures analog and mixed-signal power management solutions in electronic systems.

uPI Group is later associated in 2008, when UBIQ Semiconductor Corp. was founded for Power MOSFET and TVS solutions. Utilizing semiconductor designs and system application know-how, uPI Group positioned itself as a solution provider for hybrid and high power density semiconductor products in computing, gaming, and mobility markets, as well as proprietary solutions in automotive and industrial applications.

Our vision is to offer customers the total power management solutions of superior quality, performance, service, and cost. With more than 20 years of analog power and discrete device experiences, we offer high performance design services with full technology coverage and process development capability. Excellent wafer processing and deep packaging know-hows come standard by working closely with strategic foundries and assembly & testing partners.

 FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.
Company Name : FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.

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FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.(3545.TW), founded in 2005 in the United States, has dedicated to deliver human-machine interface solutions and provide the competitive touch controllers、 LCD display drivers、IDC ICs、fingerprint sensor、force touch for mobile electronic devices.


FocalTech is one of the pioneers in the R&D of capacitive multi-touch technologies and also the leading supplier of capacitive touch panel controller ICs in the world. It delivers the complete line-up of capacitive touch panel solutions to accommodate from 1 to 25 inch capacitive touch screen panels that adopts a variety of sensor stack-up structures, processes and materials. With independent R&D as its consistent commitment, FocalTech has more than 700 patents from China and other countries. For high to entry in-cell and on-cell technologies, FocalTech also rolls out the world's leading mass production ready solutions.Since the beginning of its inception, FocalTech has engaged in TFT LCD driver IC business. In January 2015, FocalTech merged with the well-known display driver IC company, Orise Tech, which significantly strengthens its leadership position in this field. While providing a full range of LCD display driver solution to its worldwide customer, FocalTech has accumulated a solid IP foundation, which includes image processing algorithms, DSP, analog design, and power saving technologies.


With this solid IP accumulation in touch and display areas, FocalTech persistently commits to new technology development in the field of human machine interface,and has launched the industry leading fingerprint identification solution and single-chip multi-point Force Touch solution in 2015,The fingerprint identification solution offers a full range of product mixes and excellent user experience. Taking the lead in the industry, the high-performance single-chip multi-point Force Touch solution supports multi-point Force Touch in addition to traditional multi-touch on a single chip simultaneously, which can identify different pressure intensity from two fingers, advancing the Force Touch technology to the multi-point era.


Super In-cell is an innovative technology based on improved self-capacitive sensing technology and supports both a-si and LTPS TFT LCD with excellent touch performances. Super In-cell preserves self-capacitive technology’s advantage in simpler sensor stack-up structure while still supporting multi-finger touch. Different from traditional multi-chip solutions, Super In-cell requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to support both display driving and touch function for high-end product but still provide a low-cost solution for customers.


Pursuing the customer-oriented code of conduct, FocalTech began to establish technical support sites from its incorporation in core service areas and constantly adds new sites with the expansion of business. Currently FocalTech has formed a worldwide sales and technical service network to provide China and worldwide customers the timely and professional localized technical support services to ensure the quality of more than 2.5 billion smart mobile devices, which adopt FocalTech solutions globally. 

 Sunplus Innovation Technology
Company Name : Sunplus Innovation Technology

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Sunplus Innovation Technology, the former Controller & Peripheral BU of Sunplus Technology, was spun off from its mother company, Sunplus Technology Corp., on December 1st, 2006 and located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Major share-holders are Sunplus Technology and the employees.


Sunplus Innovation Technology researches, develops, manufactures and markets the Microcontrollers and System-on-Chips with embedded software solutions targeting Human Interface Devices, PC External HDD/ODD Drives, PC/NB Camera and Industry Control market segments.

With strong professionalism in IC design industry, Sunplus Innovation Technology is dedicated in exploring the innovative add-on values to keep our products in the leading edge of trends. We commit to bring to people the ultimate comforts, conveniences and happiness and fulfill our company's vision "Technology for Easy Living".


Our Vision

Strive to satisfy the ultimate customer needs for now and the future.

Build up an environment with great culture where people are satisfied and inspired to be the best they can be.

 iCatch Technology
Company Name : iCatch Technology

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iCatch Technology is a fabless IC design house which was founded in 2009 by a group of talented and well-experienced imaging enthusiasts. Our team has accumulated excellent expertise in image signal processing, machine vision, IC design and system integration since 1996. We have had a remarkable history in consumer imaging in the last two decades and are now striving to create another successful story in automotive imaging.


Ever since the early 2000s, cameras have been gaining traction in automotive applications, such as rear view cameras and surround view cameras. As technology advances, camera applications on cars have expanded to include digital video recorder, mirror replacement, autonomy and more. iCatch’s goal is to become the leading solution provider in automotive imaging by leveraging our years of experience in image processing to make driving a safer and more pleasant journey for both the driver and the passengers.


Besides automotive and consumer imaging market, iCatch also starts to invest in new emerging technologies, such as 3D sensing and deep learning, for the next wave of opportunities in AIOT, industrial and smart home. As 5G starts to be commercialized in 2020 around the world, the communication infrastructure will be drastically changed to be able to support new imaging applications and iCatch will be prepared to become the pioneer of this revolution.


 Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Name : Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd.

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A Professional IC Design House

Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2006. As a professional IC design house, the core businesses are the integrated circuit design, research, providing innovation application design solutions and marketing. Currently the paid-up capital amounts is NT$ 316 million, and also IPO at 2016 June (TW: 6494). In order to fulfill the demand of expanding market, Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. set up Nyquest Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2010. It mainly researches and develops a variety of products, and provides the satisfactory solutions to customers.


Products & Technology

Nyquest mainly researches high-quality and high-add-on value consumer ICs, including the voice synthesizer ICs, 4-bit microcontroller with voice/MIDI products, 8-bit microcontrollers, motor drivers and so on. Our company provides the whole software design and application solutions, and our products are devoted to consumer electronic application field. People can enjoy the fun, comfort, advantage from high-tech, and promote the quality of life as well.


Nyquest Adopts Outsourced Manufacturing

Nyquest adopts outsourced manufacturing by professional manufactures. The marketing strategy of Nyquest is cooperating with agents through its mechanism and assisting clients to design and manufacture products that can establish perfect marketing channel.

At present, the main agents not only distribute in Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe, and USA, but also positively develop the occident with sufficient aids including technical after-sales service and the best product applications.


Our Vision

Looking ahead, Nyquest will continue our efforts to enhance products including personal electronics, toy gifts and interactive consumer products even greater range of home entertainment applications. Meanwhile, Nyquest will strive to keep innovation in technology to our customers with the best support and solution.

We commit to ensure customers exceeding satisfaction because continuously progressing is the driving-powers of Nyquest.

Company Name : RafaelMicro

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Michaelango, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael (Raffaello Sanzio in Italian) are the famous three Masters of the Italian Renaissance. They creatively excelled in both science and art so their works influenced the future of Western culture. We create RF integrated circuits with this same aspiration by continuously pursuing innovation and unique creativity.


Radio frequency technology is commonly called RF thus we have adopted Rafael’s name for its R and F. Rafael Micro was founded in November 2006 and the staff are senior RF professionals in the semiconductor industry. A global leader in RF IC design, we are also the only supplier in Greater China with the ability to penetrate high-end home appliances. Accumulating more than 630 million unit shipments with rigorous reliability inspection has earned our customers' trust and built a strong reputation.


All of our RF IC’s utilize our own innovative proprietary technologies and intellectual property. This includes patented RF tuning technology, filtering technology and advanced broadband RF technology giving us competitive strength that’s not easily matched. We are constantly innovating to create new high-quality RF IC technology for the entire world.


We are Taiwan’s only RF IC design company producing receivers for 4K/8K Ultra High Definition TV’s and Set-top Boxes. Our shipments have surpassed Japanese and Korea competitors to place us in the world’s Top-3 ranking. We are in the supply chains of European, American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers.

 Anax Technology Corporation
Company Name : Anax Technology Corporation


Founded in March 2008, Anax is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.      


Anax Technology Corporation develops leading analog mixed signal integrated circuits, focusing on miniaturization to service small form factor and high power density markets. With over 100 patents that our RD members continue to published, Anax has become one of the most advanced developers in Analog IC design industry. Through innovative design and use of widely available CMOS processes, Anax is capable to deliver cost saving while performance efficiency customized products.



Anax has a strong RD/management team with years of experiences in advanced analog and digital CMOS circuit design, and mainly focus on the categories of power management IC, switching converter, LED driver IC, audio amplifier IC, sensor and specific applications. Our adoption of the fabless manufacturing model, partnership with state of the art chip, and assembly foundries make it possible to rapidly introduce new and exciting products to the market.


Quality Policy

Be the best solution provider based on professional attitude, innovative technology, and 100% customer satisfaction.

 inergy Technology
Company Name : inergy Technology

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inergy is a fabless IC design corporation which provides green energy solutions. We provide total solutions from IC to system design. inergy offers clients innovative solutions and services within energy utilization involving DCBL Motor, Power Devices for specific applications, Lighting and Power Management applications.

Founded:November 2007 by MOTECH (largest solar cell maker in Taiwan)

Capital:NTD 350 million (USD 11.6 million)


Our Mission

inergy stands the meaning of “Innovative Energy” which maximizes the efficiency of energy utilization in our daily life in order to form a living friendly environment. Since 1990s, environmental protection has becoming a key theme for all nations worldwide in account of the fact that global warming significantly impacts the earth. inergy ‘s mission is to create a cleaner environment for our offspring.



Our innovative team develops progressive power and energy saving solutions to help clients winning at the first place.



inergy integrated solutions facilitate customers to build products more simple and reliable.



Our sufficient system and IC development experiences enable us offer design support and consultant service.

 Zilltek Technology Corporation
Company Name : Zilltek Technology Corporation

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Zilltek Technology Corporation, a Taiwan-based IC design  house,  is founded by a group of professiona l team  focusing on Analog and Mixed-Mode circuit design on DEC.12, 2005. Till now, we are aggressively investing many resources to develop the cutting-edge technology to make innovation of our products to take a pioneering position in the market.


Our products extend from Touch-Screen Controller IC,  Power management IC (a. DC/DC converter; b. AC/DC converter)  to White LED driver and Mems Microphone etc., which are mainly used in consumer product application, such as Mobile, Data Communication (AP router, IAD, GPON, etc), USB 3.0 application (pen driver, SSD, HDD, etc), LCD TV/Monitor, STB, Surveillance (CCTV, IP CAM, Baby monitor, etc), Tablet PC, MID, PDA, DVD-Player, IA product, SmartPhone, Notebook and so on.


We are continuously devoted ourselves to quality enhancement in order to provide our customers with the best service and to meet the market demands. Furthermore, in DEC, 2007, we qualified ISO 9001 certificate to further convince our customers of the confidence toward Zilltek products and technologies.


After eight years of development time, Our Touch-Screen Controller IC, DC / DC Converter and MEMS Microphone products on the market have been successful, many first-tier manufacturers are beginning to use our products, intense competition in the market today, the new increasingly shorter product renewal time, while Zilltek’s products allow customers to keep up with the pace of the market, maintaining the greatest competitive advantage, and then become the leader on the market.

 ASolid Technology Co. Ltd.
Company Name : ASolid Technology Co. Ltd.

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ASolid Technology Co. Ltd. is a NAND flash controller provider founded in February 2008. ASolid has emerged as one of the top leaders in the flash controller market through its accelerated offering of pioneering and competitive solutions. 


Our product lines cover a wide range of SD/microSD controller and USB flash drive controller, eMMC controller and SSD controller solutions, combined with the latest Wear-Leveling Algorithm, ECC and Bad Block Management technologies. Our comprehensive solutions have enabled customers to obtain enhanced and stable performance improvements in their products.


ASolid is the revolutionist in NAND controller technology and quality. Over 80% employees of ASolid are RD engineers, forming the company’s solid innovation strength and excellence. At ASolid, we strive to meet customer demands within quick turnaround times, and create long-term WIN-WIN partnerships through our professional teamwork and full integration of industry technologies, experiences and product competitiveness.

 Excelliance MOS Co., Ltd. (EMC)
Company Name : Excelliance MOS Co., Ltd. (EMC)

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Excelliance MOS Co., Ltd. (EMC), founded in 2008, is a power device and IC design company, specializes in power semiconductor process development, high efficiency power device, IC and system design by the capability of vertical integration.


The manager and technical teams of EMC have over 15 years experience and had demonstrated their capability successfully. The developed devices can be applied widely to the power system of electronic products, such as, personal computer, notebook, pad, monitor, TV, LED lighting, switching power and other consumer electronics.


EMC consistently delivers inventive power solutions according to customers’ requirement and adds value to end products by synthesizing technological innovation, uncompromised quality, and devotion to customer service.

 Weida Hi-Tech
Company Name : Weida Hi-Tech


Weida Hi-Tech is a semiconductor company specializing in complex chips integrated with analog, digital & algorithm technologies. Founded in Jul. 2010, our current major products are touch panel control chips, including integrated chips for In/On Cell, Tablet and Notebook computer, as well as chipsets for large-size touch panel.


Based at Hsin-Chu Science Industrial Park, having the advantage of being close to wafer fabrication sites, with Taiwan's rich capital, excellent manpower and complete semiconductor industry supply chain, Weida Hi-Tech is able to provide high quality products and prompt service to our customers. The close cooperation with our Switzerland-based strategic partner Advanced Silicon S.A. helps Weida Hi-Tech applies the state-of-the-art high technologies originally developed for medical, avionics, and military applications to 3C products that bring convenience, comfort and quality to consumers’ lives. In addition to Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP), Weida Hi-Tech also provides customized Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for their specific needs.


Based on our ever-innovating human technology, Weida Hi-Tech keeps providing highly competitive and high value-added total solution to customers, and will always move forward with our customers to a prosperous future.

Company Name : IMQ


IMQ was established in 2010 as a fabless IC design company, mainly providing a variety of general-purpose and dedicated microcontroller (MCU) design services and complete system applications. The R&D center is established in Hsinchu, with a business and customer service base in Shenzhen, China.


Product features and advantages

IMQ microcontroller products use Toshiba's exclusive 8-bit core, combined with eMemory's high-quality non-volatile memory IP and various excellent performance analog design circuits, and are manufactured with a stable and reliable semiconductor process. The product has both powerful computing power and low cost, and with complete and easy-to-use development tools, it can provide the most cost-effective microcontroller solution on the market. In 2019, it launched an enhanced 8-bit encryption MCU product with hardware encryption function, providing a new generation of microcontroller solutions with low power consumption, program protection, and improved performance and reliability.



The main applications of IMQ's products include white goods, small and medium home appliances, industrial control, high-end consumer electronics, etc. The regional market is mainly in China, and then it will be extended to other emerging countries.

 ZEITEC Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Company Name : ZEITEC Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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The development goal of ZEITEC is display module solutions and chip design. With its own chip design as its core capability, it has deepened the development of systems, algorithms, and chip complete solutions, providing high-quality integrated and cost-effective products to meet customer needs.


Display and touch screen bridge chip and solution.

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