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 Generalplus Technology
Company Name : Generalplus Technology

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Generalplus Technology, established in 2004 and listed #4952 on TPEx stock market in 2011, has become one of the major integrated circuit providers worldwide, specializing in voice IC and multi-media product solutions.


Generalplus Technology, established in 2004 and listed #4952 on TPEx stock market in 2011, has become one of the major integrated circuit providers worldwide, specializing in voice IC and multi-media product solutions. In addition to our headquarters in Taiwan, we’ve also established many branches and offices around the world, where includes Shenzhen-China, Chenghai-China, HongKong, the United States, and Japan, to provide comprehensive supports, engineering and business, to our partners and customers.

Since the first day, we've been diligent and dedicated in making tomorrow's technology absorbed into our life today, affordable for all and easier than ever. Our innovative and inspired engineers apply every possible idea, new and newer, to the products we use every single day. Our microprocessor architectures are capable of being adopted in many application fields, including graphical multimedia, speech, smart educational toy, and industrial-controlled MCU. You may also discover some everyday stuff that is coming from us too- communication device, remote controller, interactive toy, electronic-pet, wearable devices, dashboard camcorder, drone camcorder, wireless charger, calculator, kids learning aid, touch-control appliance, motor bike, and many others. We develop our products in all aspects of core technology and offer the most complete and competitive SoC solutions to GP's partners.

 TM Technology, Inc. (TMTECH)
Company Name : TM Technology, Inc. (TMTECH)

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TM Technology, Inc. (TMTECH) was founded in July, 1994 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. On October 1, 2007 merges iCreate technologies Corporation. Tm tech. is a fables IC company with high-Caliber professionals.


TM technology was involved in design, and manufacture and market on high performance memory, embedded memory, and system logic product. Recently company redirect on system integrated IC, such as power management IC for LED back light diver of LCD panel, for LED lighting, and for LED Display. LED driver will growing continuously as LED applications expanded.


With the prosperous development of intranet, the demand for bandwidth becomes higher and higher. FTTH (fiber to the home) is a rising star to solve bandwidth hungry problem in our daily life. For commodity products, such kinds of technical index include data rate, integration and reliability. TM will invest more resource to develop next generation solution to meet our partner requirement. Besides, TM tech.will enhance relationship with world leading companies. By the corporation of whole optical communication industry chain, we hope develop much faster, more reliable and cheaper solutions to accurate the popular of FTTH.


On the other hand, for flash controller IC, due to the fast growing of the market and more emerging applications, the demand for higher performance is becoming stronger. The current trend of flash technology is moving toward high capacity and multi-level cell, but the side effect is the degradation in performance and reliability. On the contrary, the applications demands high speed, high reliability and high capacity. As a result, the challenge of next generation flash controller is to meet the application targets with even worse flash devices. In addition, power conserving is another important topic to develop.

 Fitipower Integrated Technology
Company Name : Fitipower Integrated Technology

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Fitipower Integrated Technology is a professional design company of power management IC and TFT-LCD driver IC. Founded in 1995, and registered on the emerging stock market in 2012 (Stock symbol 4961). Our headquarter locates in Hsinchu Science Park with additional offices in Neihu, Taipei / Shenzhen, China / Shanghai, China and Yantai, Shandong.


Fitipower researches and develops in LCD driver ICs and Analog, digital and Mixed-signal Power Management ICs. Our display driver provides large/medium and small size panels to tier one customers. For Power management IC, we use our own developed core technology to provide most design compact with good performance power IC to Notebook, LCD TV component, Networking, LED lighting applications.


Fitipower passed the ISO9001:2008 certification. Our goal is to provide the product with superior performance, lower cost with high quality and service on time!

 Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC)
Company Name : Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC)

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Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC) began operations in January 1992 and is a fabless IC company exclusively devoted to designing, testing, and marketing analog integrated circuits. After successfully winning a sound reputation for excellence, quality, and customer responsiveness, AIC has quickly emerged as a leading manufacturer of analog integrated circuits in the Pacific Rim. The Taiwanese government bestowed the "National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises" upon AIC for its management excellence and dedication to innovation. AIC aspires to become a major supplier of cost-effective and high performance analog integrated circuits for diversified power management



To Be a World-Class Power Management IC Solution Provider.



Accountability, Integrity, Creativity



AIC has received a National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan. Because of our experienced design team, we have been sponsored for various RD projects from the government. AIC¡¦s specialization in Power Management IC has successfully ushered in a new era of the industry.

AIC provides total power solutions with broad product lines of various specifications. This includes regulators, DC/DC converters, power switches, LED drivers, battery management, etc. for 3C applications such as LCD TV, DSC, Mobile Phone, MP3, PMP, and etc.


Exceptional Quality

AIC obtained the first order shipment to one of the Top-Tier customers in Japan in 1998.

Sony granted AIC Green Partner Certification in 2003.

AIC shipped over 10 million products to Japan area in 2004.

Among all of the major analog IC providers in Taiwan, AIC is the only company that has been certified with several accreditations by Top-Tier customers in Japan.

Passed LGE "RoHS" certification audit in 2005.

"Certificate of Green Activity" granted by Canon in 2006.

"Eco-Partner Certificate" granted by Samsung in 2007.

Passed Ricoh "Certificate of Approval for Production Audit " in 2008


Innovative R&D Team

With an extensively experienced RD team committed to continuous innovation and improvement, AIC has been granted many patents internationally and domestically and offers superior technical consulting, total solution, customized design for your applications.


Comprehensive Technical Support

Our exceptionally knowledgeable technical support team, FAE, PAE, and QE, is dedicated to serving you with effective and direct communication and quick answers. Our expertise and prompt support resulting in cost-effective designs will allow you to enhance your competitiveness.


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Founded in July 1992, Alpha Microelectronics Corporation is an IC design house specializing in the design, research, development, application and marketing of integrated circuits.


About Alpha

Founded in July 1992, Alpha Microelectronics Corporation is an IC design house specializing in the design, research, development, application and marketing of integrated circuits. Alpha’s common stocks are listed on the Gre-Tai Securities Market (OTC) since September 2006. Currently the total registered capital is NT$451.601 million. Alpha's product range covers voice ICs, voice integrated MCUs and IC recording products. These products are primary used in consumer products such as sound equipments, personal electronics, home appliances, toys, gifts and interactive consumer items.


Development strategy

As a professional IC design house, all Alpha products are manufactured by OEM contractors from masking, wafer manufacture, through IC packaging, etc. Products are then distributed through the well-laid marketing channels of professional distributors. Currently, we have technical centers in China and Hong Kong to offer comprehensive product application support for customers by combining the technical manpower of Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.


Management philosophy

Integrity-the company should operate honestly and employees should also work honestly. Innovation-continual innovation and improvements are company’s credo to ensure sustainable competitiveness. Quality and Service-enhancing quality and customer service is the overriding operation principle. Employees and Shareholders-equal treatment for shareholders' rights and employees' benefits


Alpha's Vision

We are committed to offering high-quality and cost-effective semiconductor components to customers through use of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies. And by integrating multi-dimensional features into our IC products we hope to create more value-added products for our customers whilst working towards SOC integration.

 Altek Corporation
Company Name : Altek Corporation


Altek has engaged in imaging field for more than 20 years, from being top 3 digital still camera manufacturers in global to current involvement in Edge Vision AI.


Altek is one of few solution provider with complete system integration capability in software, hardware, chip design and algorithm development .Core technology of Altek is vision technology, in house vision chip and algorithm which can be integrated completely to provide one stop vision AI solution from hardware manufacturing, chip design, customized multi-camera module, deep learning chip, IP licensing, smart automotive and medical imaging.

 Silicon Motion Technology Corporation
Company Name : Silicon Motion Technology Corporation


Silicon Motion Technology Corporation (NasdaqGS: SIMO) is the global leader in developing NAND flash controllers for SSDs and other solid state storage devices. 


We have over 20 years of experience developing specialized processor ICs that manage NAND components and deliver market leading, high-performance storage solutions widely used in smartphones, PCs, data centers and commercial and industrial applications.  We have one of the broadest portfolios of controller intellectual properties developed from our deep understanding of NAND characteristics, which enables us to design both unique, highly optimized configurable IC plus related firmware controller platforms and complete turnkey controller solutions.  In the last ten years, we have shipped over six billion controllers, more than any other company in the world.  More NAND flash components, including 64-, 72- and 96-layer 3D TLC and QLC flash produced by Intel, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix, Kioxia and Western Digital, are supported by Silicon Motion controllers than any other company. Our customers include most of the NAND flash makers, storage device module makers, hyperscalers and other OEMs. 


We are the world's leading merchant supplier of SSD controllers used in PCs and other client devices and leading merchant supplier of eMMC/UFS controllers used in smartphones and IoT devices.


We also leverage our controller expertise to supply customized high-capacity specialty SSD solutions for the Chinese hyperscale data center market and small single-chip form-factor SSDs for high-performance industrial, commercial and automotive applications.


We market our controllers under the "SMI" brand, enterprise-grade SSDs under the "Shannon Systems" brand and single-chip industrial-grade SSDs under the "Ferri SSD" and "Ferri-eMMC" brands.


We were founded in 1995 in San Jose, California and now operate from corporate offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US. 

Company Name : Savitech


Why Called Savitech

Savitech stands for the spirit of an energy-efficient, high-performance analog and mixed signal IC design fables

​Supply, Audio, Video, Interface


What We Provide

Savitech provides advance audio to all the electrical devices, from Hi-Fi audio system to mobile phone. We offer individualized solutions for each audio application.

Our Team

Savitech has the most experienced analog, mixed signal & integrated circuit design team.

The marketing and sales team provides professional services and the best product support to match your needs.

 Uniband Electronic Corporation (UBEC)
Company Name : Uniband Electronic Corporation (UBEC)


Founded in July 2002, Uniband Electronic Corporation (UBEC) is an international fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design and manufacture of ICs for wireless applications.


With its headquarters in Hsin-Chu Taiwan, UBEC focuses on the development of the front-end devices and system solutions that utilize Radio Frequencies. UBEC offers various RF solutions tailored to our customers' and partners' needs. UBEC places a high priority to work closely with our BB, MAC, and micro-controller partners to achieve the optimal configurations for our customers.UBEC believes in improving human life and working efficiencies via wireless technologies. Our mission is to develop high quality products with competitive price-and-performance ratio and time-to-market advantages for our customers. Being "customer-oriented" has always been the spirit of UBEC's people and at UBEC customer always comes first.

Company Name : Terasic


Terasic is the leading developer and provider for FPGA-based hardware & complex system solution.


With twenty years of experience in developing high-end solutions for the industrial and FPGA system markets, our team provides the first-class design-to-order services for high speed boards and custom rugged system solutions to help our customers achieve their demanding applications in High Performance Computing, High Frequency Trading, network processing, radar detection, instrumentation, etc.


Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the silicon valley of Asia and the cradle of invention and creativity, Terasic boasts an extensive product portfolio from COTS of PCIe boards, high speed boards, FMC & HSMC daughter cards for networking & video processing to cost-friendly educational & development kits widely used by today's college education and worldwide research institutes. Our clients include high performance computing, investment banks, data center, military & aerospace, medical & biomedical, robotic & automotive sectors, universities/research institutions, etc. 

Company Name : ALL WE SHARE CO., LTD.


ALL WE SHARE CO., LTD. was established in 2016. It is a design company dedicated to wireless radio frequency products, multi-chip hardware package integration SiP and 3D package module design, providing one-stop service for customized product design and full process integration.


Our R&D team has many years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Based on mass production, we provide customers with overall planning from product verification to mass production, including product specification definition and testing software / firmware design.

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